Coaching, consulting and VIP days for ambitious women who want to create a business and life on their own terms

Break the cycle of self-sabotage and make your life vision board a reality

You would...

Overcome all or nothing thinking, and use the time you DO have available after work to focus on the next step on your roadmap (rather than queuing up another Netflix show).

Know that taking imperfect action is the key to finally achieving the goals you set out for yourself at the beginning of the year (yes, even while living through a pandemic).

Strategically streamline areas of your life and business so you’re free to focus on the things only YOU can do (and unlock more time within your day)

Sounds dreamy, right? Keep reading and I’ll show you how all this ⬆️ and more is totally within your reach.

Watch your goals get checked off that to-do list faster than the special buys get sold out at ALDI.

Can you imagine what you could achieve if you could break your never-ending loop of perfectionism, procrastination?

Work with a psychology based-life coach and creative strategist (that’s me!) to unlock your potential for progress.  

It's time to go from stuck and striving to shining and thriving!

Self-help books telling you to get up earlier
 Productivity apps beeping at you to get busy

The never-ending hunt for the perfect journal

Self-doubt as another month creeps by without hitting your goals

Shiny object syndrome brought to you by all the courses and podcasts cluttering your inbox (and your head)

Gain clarity on what’s really holding you back, while you set meaningful goals you’ll actually achieve. 

You deserve to finally ditch:  

I want this!

Content Consulting

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1-on-1 Imperfect Action Coaching

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done-with-you VIP days



Get ready to celebrate achieving your biggest goals!

Get 3 months of biweekly 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions focused on your life and career goals

Address any obstacles, challenges, and limiting beliefs keeping you feeling frozen, stuck, or unsure

Learn neuroscience-based processes setting and sticking to goals 

Co-create a roadmap filled with the exact actions steps that help you take imperfect action every single week towards your goals

Gain access my online course Procrastinator to Action Taker and virtual accountability group The Action Takers Club for free

Sign up to work with me 1-1 and: 

Calling all driven creatives and side-hustlers who want to finally make meaningful progress towards your goals, but need accountability and personal support to get there.

1-on-1 Imperfect Action Coaching 

adventure one

Discover how to break free of the perfection paralysis keeping you stuck in a state of inaction and inner turmoil and start achieving your goals, one step at a time.

After personally experiencing how striving for perfection can lead to a state of paralysis and procrastination, I immersed myself in learning science-based productivity strategies paired with life coach training at , so that I could help other women (like you!) achieve the dreams that are calling them. 

let's go!

book your session instantly

Get a focused 1.5 hour Zoom call that answers your burning questions

Identify obstacles getting in the way of your content creation efforts

Discover easy-to-repeat ways to create content without stressing out or requiring tons of time

Co-create a roadmap that highlights the small action steps you can take to move forward and achieve your goals

Book Content Consulting and you’ll...

My one-off consulting and strategy sessions are for you! This is the perfect way to ‘pick my brain’ and get speedy and actionable advice to move forward.

Drawing upon a decade of experience spanning magazine and digital publishing, copywriting, blogging, content marketing and writing a book, I can guide you through those roadblocks and move forward with confidence. 

This is also a great package to select if you just want to dip your toe into the water with life coaching and try a few sessions, without committing to a 3 month package (you can buy multiple sessions individually)

Have a particular question or obstacles that’s been holding you back from taking the leap with your creative project? Or, maybe you’re in need of a sustainable content strategy to help you get unstuck from the cycle of ‘randomly creating’ and shift to ‘consistent content’?

Content Consulting Sessions

adventure two


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THe party starter

Do you have an amazing business idea or creative project that you just *know* has the potential to impact millions, free you from your 9-5 and give you that Pinterest board-worthy lifestyle you've been dreaming of?

Done-With-You VIP Days

adventure three

You've been thinking about it for months, raving about it to anyone who'll listen and have started at least 5 different brainstorming documents. Hey, maybe you've even thought of a great name for it! But, for some reason, you just can't bring yourself to actually, you know, start working on it! 
Or, maybe you’ve done all the hard work, but are feeling resistance in putting on the last finishing touches and actually putting it out in the world (because if nobody sees it, nobody can judge you — right!?)
I’ve been there!
From personal experience, I can tell you that what you need is a sounding board to hear your ideas and talk through any potential issues you're experiencing. A creative strategist to map out a roadmap from 'idea' to 'it's live!. A coach to encourage you and cheer you on. And an accountability partner to make sure you start what you plan, and finish what you start.

 What if I told you could have all of that in one, and be guaranteed that you make more progress on this project in one day than you have in months?Well, that’s exactly what you get (plus more!) in my done with you VIP days, the Party Starter and the Finishing Line.


the finishing line

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This VIP day is for you if: you have an idea for a creative project (think, a business, a blog, online course, podcast, or anything else you're dreaming of) but are having trouble just getting started with it. 

The Party Starter VIP Day

Feel like there are just so many steps involved in getting you from A to B that you feel overwhelmed and just don't know where to start?
I get it! Getting started is often the hardest part. But, I promise you — everything that comes after it will feel 1000 x easier once you've taken the first step
And, what if there was someone who could take that first step with you?
Introducing, my virtual, done with you 'party starter' day where I'll work alongside you to get your project off to a flying start! 

Spend one intensive day with me to get your creative project (like a blog, podcast, book or business) off to a flying start. We'll start with a strategy session where we create a plan of attack for your project, then work together to make amazing progress on it. 

Come up with a memorable name and convincing tagline for your offering

Use my unique 5M method to get crystal clear on exactly what your offer involves, and who your target audience is

Create a roadmap for your launch plan, with achievable actions and milestones along the way

Create a work schedule that you'll be able to stick to, in order to launch by your deadline

Identify any potential obstacles that might prevent you from reaching your launch date, so you can avoid and overcome them

how it works

For the first two hours, we'll:

work together in tandem via virtual co-working sessions (with plenty of breaks to recharge) to kickstart your project. I can assist with tasks including:

- Website copywriting

- Writing a course outline

- Interviewing you to gather creative materials

- Creating course materials

- Social media and blog content brainstorming

- Basic tech set-up guidance (depending on the platform)

Then, for next 4-5 hours, We'll:

You'll walk away with the clarity and momentum to get your project finished!

Get your project started!

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This VIP day is for you if: you have a project that's half-completed (or more) but you're struggling to just complete the damn thing!

The Finish Line VIP Day

In this intensive, full-day package, we'll get that project you've been dragging out for too long done, dusted and launched! We'll work through any mindset issues keeping you stuck, map put a launch plan then work together to dot all the i's and cross all the t's on your project

Review where you’re currently at with your project and identify any gaps you still need to fill

Address any mindset obstacles that are keeping you stuck

Come up with a solid promotional strategy to take you from pre-launch to live

how it works

For the first two hours, we'll:

work together to get your project over the finish line, and make sure you’ve dotted all the Is and crossed all the Ts.

This may include copy editing, proofreading, basic tech troubleshooting and mapping out your launch plan

Then, for next 2-3 hours, We'll:

By the end of it, you’ll feel ready to hit go on your project, and finally share your awesomeness with the world!

Get your project finished!

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chat with me

Shoot me a message and I may be able to design a hybrid package for you.

Feel like you need a combo of both VIP days, to get your project started and make sure you follow through on getting it launch? 

tell me more!

The proven, 5-step formula to stop putting things off and start getting sh*t done TODAY

The Procrastinator to Action Taker Course

In this no-fluff course, learn how to tackle the root causes of procrastination using science-based strategies that shift the way you think. Discover how to supercharge your focus so you can look back in the next few months and realise you’ve made progress towards every single goal you had on your to-do list.

Reclaim 55 days of productive time each year and finally build the creative business of your dreams by unlocking the hidden hours in the day you’re losing to procrastination. 

want to dip your toe in the water?