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There’s just one, little condition…. you’ve just gotta dump your toxic boo first. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you book a one-way ticket to splitsville with your boyfriend or girlfriend. I’m talking about that little voice in your head… the one that tells you that you’re not ready, that it’s not the right time, or that you’re not good enough to go after your goals.

You might call them perfectionism, procrastination, overwhelm, people-pleasing or imposter syndrome. Whatever the name, they all have one thing in common — fear is their poison of choice. And, as long as they’re hanging around like a bad smell, no productivity tool or hack or other band aid solution is ever going to help you achieve your goals (soz, I don’t make the rules!)

But, that’s why I’m here! By combining my unique imperfect action approach with the latest neuroscience and psychology insights, I help you bust through those limiting thoughts and make epic progress towards your goals.

And I’m on a mission to help creative and driven women (just like you!) make their life vision board a reality.

It may sound cheesy (but hey, cheese is kinda my kryptonite!), but I truly believe that anything that exists in this universe is yours for the taking.

Hi, I'm Emma. 

I’m an imperfect action coach, author of the internationally published book Progress Over Perfection and a pizza addict (PS. I am firmly in the ’pineapple belongs on pizza’ club!) As a journalist-turned-self development nerd, my work has appeared in publications like the New York Times’ T Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Women’s Health.

In 2018, I founded the self-development blog A Girl On Progress, which has entertained just under a million people. I’m also trained life coach, hold a certificate in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health and am currently studying postgrad psychology to deepen my knowledge.

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Aoife, teacher, yogi and writer

"She was friendly, warm and down to earth. This served to create a safe space where I felt comfortable sharing my dreams, ambitions, hopes and wishes. Emma encouraged me to explore my emotions and to identify the driving force behind my goals. "

“Having Emma as my life coach has been one of the most valuable investments I’ve made. During our first coaching session, Emma immediately put me at ease."


Knowing I was being asked to carve out just 1 day to work and hang with Emma felt totally manageable and motivating. I had the chance to finally get the ideas out of my head and have Emma as a sounding board. By the end, I had a roadmap with only a few outstanding tasks for me to complete on my own and the excitement, encouragement, and confidence I needed to get my program out into the world. 10/10 recommend!"

"Going through Emma's VIP Day was the push I needed. I had been thinking about a service I wanted to offer my clients but could never find the time or space to prioritize it for myself. 


I had a consultation with Emma on content strategy, with a specific focus on audience growth and monetisation. Emma was open in sharing her knowledge and experience, and offered insights and tactics that I can put to use. I also enjoyed the opportunity to brainstorm ideas with someone who understands the digital media landscape."

"I highly recommend consulting with Emma to anyone looking for expertise in content and digital media strategy.


"So many people at work depend and rely on me, other teachers and my students. I absolutely know that I can be more productive because of this course, and that I will have great strategies to put into action so that I can be the best teacher I can be."

"Taking Emma's course has legit changed my life.

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The proven, 5-step method to stop procrastinating

Gain back the 55 days you're losing to procrastination every year

The Procrastinator To Action Taker Course

Learn a 5-step, science-based method to stop putting things off and start getting sh*t done today. In this fluff-free, super actionable online course, you’ll learn everything you need to tackle every stage of the procrastination process head on. 

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In my internationally-published book Progress Over Perfection — A Guide To Mindful Productivity, learn to work smarter not harder and create a more realistic approach to productivity

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Why you should do hard things for an easy life


Is perfectionism causing your procrastination?


4 easy ways to get unstuck with your goals


How imperfect action will change your life


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Tune in to the podcast for women working on themselves, FOR themselves. Through solo episodes and interviews with inspiring women, you’ll learn to take imperfect action towards your goals and create productivity on your own terms. 

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A Girl In Progress:
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